Introducing Radio Personality...

Jerry Wilson


Here is a man that keeps himself busy...

Jerry Wilson always had the desire to be in some form of entertainment.  In 1966 he obtained his FCC license, and broadcasting became his lifeís work.  He has been in broadcasting for over 40 years, and can currently be heard on:

WNWZ-AM (1520)/WTBG-FM (95.3), Brownsville Tennessee

Tune in when you are in Brownsville area.

While in Memphis, Jerry has done voice-overs and TV commercials.

He had a Quartet, singing lead and bass.  Talk about a vocal range.

If these activities donít keep him busy enough, Reverend Jerry Wilson also preaches at several churches around the Brownsville area.

Check out these images of Jerry Wilson in action at WNWZ-AM (1520)/WTBG-FM (95.3)...




Jerry Wilson talking with Stephen Smiley Burnette,
eldest son of the legendary Smiley Burnette.